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We reserve the right to cancel any credit card order at our discretion.
The IP address, geographical location, date and time of the computer in which a credit card order is placed will be recorded.
We may contact the purchaser to verify details about the credit card or the order
We may require a faxed/scanned copy of the credit card before processing an order
We may contact the credit card issuer bank to verify the credit card details. The bank may contact the credit card account holder to confirm the order.


If we confirm that a credit card order was not placed or authorized by the credit card account holder the following steps will be followed
The order will be cancelled
All the collected information for the transaction will be forwarded to the Police in the state in which the transaction was generated.
We will also forward the details to the Bank that issued the credit card, and the account holder will be notified.
The order details will be recorded in a public internet database.